How Do Invisalign Buttons Work?

How Do Invisalign Buttons Work?

April 1, 2023

Everyone loves a beautiful, perfectly aligned smile. However, this is only sometimes possible due to various factors. Fortunately, achieving a straight smile with help from an Invisalign dentist near you is possible. Read on to learn about Invisalign aligners and their attachments.

What Is Invisalign Treatment?

It is the process of using a series of clear plastic aligners to straighten your smile. The aligners are computer generated. They are customized according to individual needs and goals. These removable trays are worn on teeth for 20-22 hours daily and straighten teeth gradually. The treatment allows you to straighten your teeth discreetly and comfortably.

How Invisalign Buttons Work

When researching Invisalign treatment, most people focus on the treatment timeframe and results. They need to learn about the Invisalign attachments necessary for successful orthodontics. It is because only some patients get the extensions during the treatment. Dentists only use them when necessary.

Invisalign attachments or buttons are tiny dots made out of composite dental resin. The material is tooth-colored. This allows the buttons to blend in with your teeth, making them unnoticeable. They may be shaped like a triangle, square, or rectangle based on their purpose.

These buttons are usually placed at the center of the tooth, which needs extra force to shift. The attachments help the aligners to grip onto teeth more effectively. Therefore, they enable the Invisalign aligners to easily move teeth to their proper locations.

The Invisalign dentist might use these attachments if your teeth are rotated out of position. When the button is fixed on the teeth, the Invisalign braces snap over it. This provides extra friction allowing them to act more forcefully on the tooth. As a result, your teeth will move more precisely, giving remarkable results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign Buttons

Below are answers to questions you may have about Invisalign buttons.

  • Do I Need Attachments For My Invisalign Treatment?

  • Not everyone needs Invisalign buttons during orthodontic treatment. For example, if your orthodontic issue is straightforward, you will not need them. However, you need to find out whether you need them or not. Only an Invisalign dentist can examine your teeth and decide whether you need the buttons.

  • When Will the Invisalign buttons Be Removed?

  • The Invisalign dentist will remove your attachments after treatment is complete. Fortunately, the buttons will not affect the appearance of your teeth since they are tooth-colored. After treatment, the dentist will clear the resin from each tooth. Doing so will restore your teeth’s natural shape, size, and appearance.

  • Do attachments speed up treatment time?

  • Invisalign in Vancouver is considered among the fastest orthodontic treatments available today. However, your treatment time can be reduced further with the attachments. Your dentist will fix them on specific teeth to increase the pressure of the aligners. As a result, the extra force will speed up the treatment.

  • Does getting Invisalign buttons hurt?

  • No, the procedure for fixing or removing Invisalign attachments is not painful. Once your dentist determines that you need the buttons, they will clean your teeth. Then they will apply a small amount of the composite resin on the tooth and dry it. After your treatment, they will weaken the bonding agent and buff it from your tooth. The dentist will restore the tooth’s original shape.

  • Do the attachments make wearing the aligners difficult?

  • They do, but you will take more time putting your aligners on than someone without the buttons. It takes some precision for the Invisalign attachments on front teeth to click into the aligner at the right place. Therefore, you will need more patience and time when putting in your aligners.

Get Invisalign Treatment Today

Specific tooth movements necessary during orthodontics cannot be achieved with Invisalign alone. That is why the dentist near Downtown Vancouver would use traditional braces if a tooth must be rotated to straighten it. Fortunately, Invisalign buttons make orthodontic treatment possible for more people. They increase pressure on the tooth, making it possible for it to move correctly.

So, if Invisalign treatment is not suitable for you, contact us at Phoenix Dental Implant and Invisalign Center. We will examine your teeth to determine the best way to use Invisalign attachments and achieve a straighter smile. Our Kingsway dental experts will also use elastics and chewing aids for faster treatment.