Fluoride Treatment in Vancouver, BC

Fluoride Treatment in Vancouver, BC

At Phoenix Dental Implant and Invisalign Centre, we believe in offering treatments to prevent many oral health problems for patients. One effective procedure is fluoride treatment in Vancouver, BC. Our dentist near me offer fluoride treatments as a means of protecting tooth enamel, which helps to prevent decay, cavities, and other dental issues. Fluoride treatment is especially beneficial for young patients who may not have the motor skills for properly taking care of their oral hygiene through brushing and flossing. Our dental care team can determine if you will benefit from the protection of fluoride treatment!

Fluoride and Tooth Enamel

The enamel that makes up the outside layer of our teeth is the strongest substance in the body. That’s because it is made up of minerals such as fluoride. Each day, due to eating, drinking, and bacteria that are present in the mouth, our teeth go through de-mineralization. This means that some of the fluoride in each tooth’s enamel is stripped away. When we ingest fluoride through water, some foods, and toothpaste, our teeth go through re-mineralization and the fluoride is replaced.

If not enough fluoride is replaced through food, water, or toothpaste, and teeth continue to de-mineralize, this makes the enamel more vulnerable to tooth decay. This can lead to cavities and other oral health complications.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is beneficial as a strong source of re-mineralization for patients whose tooth enamel is vulnerable to decay. These treatments are simple and effective in strengthening the protection of the outer layer of your teeth. Young patients whose permanent teeth are emerging in the mouth greatly benefit from fluoride treatment as a preventive measure. This procedure is generally performed during a routine in-office dental exam and cleaning.

At Phoenix Dental Implant and Invisalign Centre, we are committed to your comprehensive oral health and wellness. That’s why we offer fluoride treatment near you for patients whose teeth are vulnerable to demineralization. For more information about this treatment and other preventive measures to protect your dental health, contact our dentists in Vancouver, BC. We look forward to your appointment!


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