Root Canal Treatment in Vancouver, BC

Root Canal Treatment in Vancouver, BC

Have you been experiencing tooth pain that won’t go away? Are any of your teeth sensitive to touch or cold and hot temperatures? If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may need root canal therapy in Vancouver, BC.

Root canal treatment is essential for some patients as a means of improving and restoring oral health. This professional procedure is designed for patients experiencing severe tooth pain or other serious symptoms due to inflamed or infected roots. Phoenix Dental Implant and Invisalign Centre offers root canal therapy for new and existing patients.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is based upon three oral health goals:

  • Alleviate extreme or persistent oral pain
  • Save a permanent tooth from extraction
  • Restore the afflicted tooth to health

If symptoms are present, our dentists in Vancouver, BC will examine your mouth and determine if you require a root canal. During the procedure, professional care is used to remove the pulp inside the tooth. This allows our dentists near you to clean, disinfect, and shape the tooth’s root canals. Then, a dental crown is put in place to protect and restore the tooth to health.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of tooth pain or sensitivity, it’s important to schedule a dental examination as quickly as possible. Ignoring the need for treatment and waiting for the problem to clear up on its own can result in further damage, greater discomfort, and possible tooth extraction.

Root Canal Therapy and Tooth Preservation

Root canal therapy can save a tooth that has been severely damaged within the roots due to inflammation or infection. By performing a root canal, our dentists near me are able to prevent permanent tooth loss and further damage to a patient’s oral health. Some patients may believe that it’s easier to extract the afflicted tooth. However, removing a tooth can result in future oral health problems and additional restorative measures such as Dental Bridge Vancouver, BC to eliminate a tooth gap.

It’s far better for your oral health to prevent any permanent tooth loss when possible. At Phoenix Dental Implant and Invisalign Centre, we offer root canal therapy near you for pain alleviation and tooth preservation. New patients are being accepted.

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