The Benefits of Gum Reshaping: Improving Smile and Oral Health

The Benefits of Gum Reshaping: Improving Smile and Oral Health

May 1, 2023

If you think something is not perfect with your smile even after your teeth are healthy, you may have a gummy smile that dentists can correct with gum reshaping. Alternatively called gum contouring or gingivectomy, gum reshaping is an aesthetic dental procedure where your dentist uses dental instruments or lasers to remove excess gum tissue above your teeth.

Many reasons may have caused your gums to move too far down your teeth, including periodontal disease or tinier-than-average teeth. Whatever the cause, gum reshaping offers many benefits to improve your smile and oral health. Continue reading to learn more about this procedure for gum reshaping near you from the nearby dentist.

Benefits of Gum Reshaping

A More Symmetrical Smile

If you have even teeth, gum reshaping helps make your gum line even give you a more symmetrical and attractive smile. Before starting the procedure, the dentist near you utilizes a dental pen to draw a projection of your reshaped gum line on your smile. Next, the dentist uses instruments or lasers to reshape excess tissue below the line they create gently. The procedure helps make your gums appear more even and symmetrical.

Better Teeth Appearance

Gum reshaping improves the appearance of your teeth and your gums. The procedure helps expose more of your teeth, making them appear longer, fuller, and healthier. Gum reshaping can become an alternative to dental veneers, depending on the anatomy of your teeth.

Improving the looks of your teeth does wonders for your self-confidence and image, making hiding your mouth in pictures impractical.

Gum Disease Prevention

Gum reshaping also helps prevent gum disease when you allow dental plaque and tartar to remain on your teeth without getting six monthly dental cleanings. If you have excess gum tissue in your mouth, bacteria can settle beneath your gum tissue in the difficult-to-reach areas with a toothbrush or dental floss. In addition, excessive gum tissue makes it convenient for the bacteria to hide beneath them, improving their chances of infecting you with periodontal disease. When you act against the condition and consider receiving gum reshaping in Vancouver, BC, you inhibit your chances of developing an infection in your mouth that needs ongoing treatment with more frequent visits to your dentist for cleanings and other intensive procedures.

With excessive gum tissue, your oral health and smile become impacted, making it challenging to appear like an extrovert willing to mingle with people because periodontal disease also causes other problems with your oral health, such as lousy breath and other health problems. Therefore, when you ask the dentist to reshape your gums, you simultaneously find freedom from an oral health problem impacting your smile and general health.

Requires Minimal Downtime

Earlier gum reshaping was a semi-surgical procedure requiring extensive downtime and recovery. However, modern technology and the expertise of the Vancouver dentists near Fairview make this procedure straightforward and fast.

The updated techniques of gum reshaping minimize discomfort and recovery. While you can expect to experience swollen gums for a few days, you can have the foods and beverages you want within 24 hours. In addition, your gums should recover from the procedure in approximately a week to help you enjoy your smile and better oral health.

Should You or Shouldn’t You Consider Gum Reshaping?

The decision is entirely at your discretion. However, if you desire a better smile and oral health but are hampered by excessive gum tissue, it helps if you seek treatment by consulting the dentist near you about methods to change your appearance by undergoing a straightforward and short gum reshaping procedure.

If you are scared of dental treatments, you can rest assured dentists will make all efforts to ensure you are comfortable undergoing the process by giving you anesthesia while they work in your mouth. The minimal downtime and discomfort will make you believe your investment was worth the effort because the results considerably change the appearance of your teeth and oral health with the reshaping making you feel more confident with your smile. The procedure also eliminates oral health problems that you thought resulted from other issues like improper dental hygiene and lack of visits to your dentist when the excessive gum tissue made you prone to infections.

Phoenix Dental Implant and Invisalign Center can help you with the gum reshaping procedure if you think you have a gummy smile. Please arrange an appointment with them to consult whether a gum lift will benefit your needs and receive it from them as soon as possible.