What Is a Better Option a Dental Bridge or An Implant?

What Is a Better Option a Dental Bridge or An Implant?

January 1, 2023

Tooth loss is a common problem affecting 69 percent of adults between 35 and 44. Loss of teeth makes it essential to receive proper treatment to ensure your remaining teeth remain aligned. Replacement teeth also help maintain your facial appearance and avoid challenges with eating and speaking. The two most common options for replacing missing teeth are bridges and dental implants.

Dental bridges are fake teeth held in place by the teeth beside the missing tooth gap. Materials like porcelain or plastic help make dental bridges resemble the natural color of your remaining teeth. Dental bridges can cover one or more missing teeth.

Dental implants are titanium posts functioning as your artificial tooth root after surgically embedding them into your jawbone to hold a porcelain dental crown mounted atop it eventually.

This article looks at these two missing tooth replacement solutions to help you determine which option best suits your needs. Kindly read for more information.

Dental Bridge Vs. Implants Advantages

Dental bridges will likely receive coverage from your insurance providers and don’t require invasive surgery or bone grafting when replacing your teeth. In addition, they are more affordable than implants allowing you to complete the treatment in a couple of visits to your dentist over three weeks.

Dental implants last for 15 years or more, making them the most durable option on the market. Implants can retain their natural appearance longer than bridges and not damage the healthy teeth next to the missing tooth gap. Dental implants’ ten-year success rate is high, at 97 percent.

Dental Bridge Vs. Implants Downsides

Technically, dental bridges need replacements every five to seven years, although they remain in your mouth for approximately ten years. Dental bridges might not appear natural with age and are susceptible to tooth decay in the surrounding teeth. In addition, bridges damage the adjacent healthy teeth around the missing tooth.

Dental insurance doesn’t cover dental implants; getting them requires six months or more. In addition, implants are more expensive, and the surgery can lead to complications.

Choosing between Dental Bridges and Implants

The dentist near East Vancouver is an excellent professional to advise you on the best tooth replacement option for your situation. Which option you decide on depends on your budget, the number of missing teeth, and your overall health.

If you possess dental insurance, you will likely receive coverage from the provider to make dental bridges in Vancouver an ideal solution over implants. However, if you don’t possess dental insurance and the prices of bridges and implants are beyond your budget, you might have to consider alternative options like dentures for your missing teeth.

If you miss more than one subsequent tooth, a dental bridge is ideal for your situation than an implant. Separate implants need surgical implantation in your jawbone for each missing tooth making the treatment expensive and impractical.

Your overall health determines which replacement solution best suits your needs. For example, dental implants near you require surgery, making them a challenging option for patients with health conditions like diabetes and leukemia that slow down healing. The optimal candidates for dental implants are patients with good oral health, a jawbone free from decay, and dense implant support.

The process of getting an implant requires six months or more, depending on the condition of the patient’s mouth. However, consider dental bridges near you. In that case, the Vancouver dentist completes the treatment in approximately three weeks after reshaping your teeth to fit dental bridges over them to function as your replacement teeth.

However, suppose you prefer dental implants but have an inadequate jawbone. In that case, you require bone augmentation surgery to supplement bone in your jaw, which might take another three to six months of healing before you can get dental implants inserted. Therefore when considering replacement solutions for missing teeth, you find it beneficial to discuss with the Vancouver dentist for help with your decision.


Dental bridges and implants are two options to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are more affordable and covered by your insurance. However, if costs aren’t a constraint and your overall health is acceptable, implants are the better option because they last longer without damaging the neighboring teeth. Your dentist can help you determine the best choice for your unique situation.

Phoenix Dental Implant and Invisalign Center help you get dental bridges or implants near Renfrew-Collingwood in Vancouver after considering various factors to help you receive ideal replacements for missing teeth. If you find it challenging to determine between bridges and implants, consult this practice for advice to have tooth replacements as soon as possible.